AMBIO Potable water


We offer offer both classroom and online courses within safe water supply.


We offer analytical instruments and equipment used for potable water systems. 

Our services

AMBIO provides services within risk and vulnerability analyses, consulting, troubleshooting, inspection, cleaning and disinfection of potable water tanks and systems. 


Chemicals used for drinking water treatment.


Potable Water Course – UK Sector

Potable Water Course – UK Sector

Finally, we can share the news that we have developed a web-based potable water course regarding the United Kingdom continental shelf. This course is based on, among other things, Oil & Gas UK, EU drinking water directive and WHO guidelines for drinking water...

New web course!

New web course!

Increased focus on clean drinking water in society and in the offshore industry is important so that we avoid illness. Therefore, we have developed a new course that we hope can increase the focus on it with good and safe water treatment.

AMBIO has long experience in potable water treatment and contributes to optimal water quality for the onshore and offshore industry.

We carry out risk and vulnerability analyzes, design verifications, prepare drinking water manuals and contingency plans, as well as providing laboratory services. We hold courses in drinking water treatment and offer decision support in relation to government requirements, troubleshooting, operation and maintenance of new and existing potable water systems.

We offer various chemicals for use in potable water treatment and filter solutions. Regarding water analyses, we can offer advice on different results and help analysing the results.